Friday, May 29, 2015

I'm Not Dead....

Just have a lot going on right now!  But rest assured, I'm still here.  I've moved, added a bunny to the brood, and work is going crazy. Thus, I present you with a photo dump, just so you know I'm still alive!

Diz is my cozy place.  No Hoomins Allowed!!!

When you slobber over your feed so much you end up wearing it.
Chloe regrets nothing!!!

Hiding out in the Bunny Blanket Fort.  Also No Hoomins Allowed zone.

Workin hard.
Chloe thinks she has the meanest mom in the barn because she has martingale sweat.

Windy bunny.  She's not really new, but it's a long story.
She's an Affection Whore.

Chloe and I are planning to head to the KHJA Jumper show on Sunday, June 7, I promise to have updates and to post before then!