Friday, April 24, 2015

Hard Day's Night

Last night started off with a relaxing trail ride through the pastures at the barn, since the arena was very busy and I felt like Chloe could probably use a break from schooling in the ring.  So we meandered for about 20 minutes and then warmed up a little in the field so she could have a little gallop, which she loved.

Her best imitation of a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner. Cleaning up spilled feed.

Pretty sure there's danger over there!

Kansas scenery.  Spoiler Alert:  It all pretty much looks like this.

The pond.

Tuttle Creek way off in the distance.

I turned the mare back out for the evening and came home to this:

Diz iz our bed!

I went about my evening routine, which always begins with feeding the bunnies.  Heff wasn't wanting to eat so I knew he wasn't feeling well because the little dude lives for food.  Then I started to worry.  And offer him treats.  He was eating the treats so I thought perhaps he had just eaten a lot of hay or something and was just a bit full.  I offered him a few more small treats over the next hour and he was still eating them but his enthusiasm for them seemed to be diminishing.  By this time, it was after 11 pm and my only option if I was going to have to take him to the vet is the local university vet hospital, which is notoriously outrageously expensive during regular hours and I was scared to think what damage an after hours visit would do to my checkbook.  Since he was still eating treats, though not voraciously, I decided to give him a little time to just let him be for a little while.  I set an alarm for every two hours.

2:00 AM - Heff was out from hiding but not interested in treats.  I figured his moving was a good sign and he was not hunched up, indicating that he was in pain, but laying flat on his tummy.  I figured if he was the same at 4 it was time to take him in.

4:00 AM - Heff was more eager for a treat.  Whew!

6:00 AM - Heff had some breakfast pellets, muched a little hay, and was working on his baby romaine lettuce leaves when I left for work.  I will still monitor him at lunchtime to make sure he is on the mend, but he seems to be back to his food-loving self.  My best guess is he either had a mild case of gas or GI Stasis (pretty much like colic in horses) but it resolved on its own.
Much like with horses, eating and pooping are great signs!

Meanwhile, as my lunch will be spent checking on the Fur Kid, it might also serve as a naptime for me.  *Yawn*.


  1. Great pictures! Hope heff is feeling better

    1. Thank you! He is back to his goofy little food-loving self. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Aww, thank you! They keep me entertained. :-)